Privacy Policy

Information collected by PCSmart Group

Upon registration, clients will be asked for personal information which includes but is not limited to Name, Email Address, Postal Address, Telephone Number, Mobile Number and Date of Birth. By entering these details, PCSmart Group is able to provide services to the client.

PCSmart Group also logs Internet Protocol Addresses (or IP Addresses), a number which can uniquely identify a specific computer or device on the internet. The PCSmart Group Billing System ( and Support Helpdesk ( uses cookies to help establish and a session between the client's web browser and PCSmart Group's system.

How information is used by PCSmart Group

Personal information collected by PCSmart Group upon registration is used for:

* Administrative purposes - For use on invoices and accounting records
* Fraud prevention and security - For the safety of PCSmart Group and PCSmart Group clients
* To contact a client regarding a billing or technical support issue

Internet Protocol (IP Addresses) collected by PCSmart Gruop are used for:

* Security - For validation that the IP is the same, or from the same ISP as client registration
* Support - To aid technical support, for instance if a client appears to be banned on the PCSmart Group Firewall

Information Sharing

All information collected by PCSmart Group is confidential. PCSmart Group will not share your information with a 3rd party under any circumstances, except where required
or permitted by law.

Where PCSmart Group believes the client may be in breach of any law of England and Wales, PCSmart Group may use a client's personal information to inform relavent 3rd parties such as employer, school email/internet provider and law enforcement agencies.

Request of information

Under the Data Protection Act (1998), clients have the right to request a copy of personal information PCSmart Group has stored, and to have any inaccuracies corrected.

To request information, PCSmart Group charges a £10.00 administration fee and requires two peices of approved photographic identification, one of which must include the client's registered billing address. Information requests should be sent to:

Data Protection Officer
PCSmart Group
157 Rugeley Road

Or alternativley, email